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Preparing Your Resume'

Preparing Your Resume'
Resume' Writing Do's
  • Keep sentences and paragraphs brief.
  • Use key words in the job description or classified ad to highlight your background.
  • Proofread carefully.
  • Ask others to proofread the document as well.
Resume' Writing Don'ts
  • Avoid long sentences.
  • Refrain from using professional jargon.
  • Abbreviations should be kept to a minimum.
  • Don't use I, the first person pronoun, in any part of the resume'.  It's understood.
  • Do not include an "objective" on your resume' unless it is written for a specific job.
Cover Letters

Both employees and employers find matching the person to the job a difficult and frustrating experience.  As an applicant, a good letter or resume' won't guarantee that you'll get the job, but they can help open the door. 

The cover letter is usually the first thing the employer sees. Although the cover letter should be short, it must also be long enough to persuade the employer to review the resume' itself.  A good idea is to mention the position you are applying for and one or two of your strongest selling points. This is an excellent tool to make a good first impression.

How to do it: 

  • Indicate what job you are applying for.
  • Supply one or two items of experience.
  • Mention your resume' is enclosed.
  • Address the letter to the person hiring for the job. 
  • Tailor the letter to the job opening and company.
  • Research the company/industry.
  • Explain your knowledge pertinent to the field and the position's requirements.
  • Describe your background and focus on relevance to their needs. 
  • Proofread document and have others review as well.
  • Sign letter.  
Thank You Note Pointers
  • Type or neatly hand write the note.
  • Keep it short.
  • Address the note to the interviewer or the lead interviewer.
  • Thank the person for the interview and, again, express your interest in the position.
  • Briefly state your skills for the position, mention items that did not come out in the interview, but do not repeat what has already been discussed.
  • Provide your contact information: telephone/cell phone number (including area code), and address.
  • Proofread the note to check for spelling and grammar errors. You may want another person to review it as well
  • Mail your thank you note within two (2) days after the interview. 

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