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We pride ourselves on our ability to better understand employment trends, employer needs, and the requirements of our clients.

We provide our clients with a wide range of quality business services and fill positions with quality people.

At Employment Edge Staffing and Business Services, we want to be your full-service staffing and business service partner and provider. Let our commitment to excellence and customer-oriented process help you build a strong workforce and take care of business. 


Five ways to reduce employee turnover

Do you sometimes feel as if your “employee entrance” is a revolving door?

Some turnover is unavoidable, but as every business owner knows, employee turnover can be costly. The estimated average cost of replacing an employee is 150% o their annual salary – depending on their company role, experience, skill set, etc. 

If your company is struggling with too-high turnover, Employment Edge Staffing has some strategies to help reduce your turnover rate. Read more ...


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