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Bogus job ads? Not at Employment Edge

From time to time we see an article charging that staffing agencies post bogus job ads. We react to that statement by saying, “Not at Employment Edge.”   

Why would any staffing agency bother to post an ad for a job that doesn’t exist?

For some agencies, having a large database of applicants is an important goal. They may use generic job ads as a strategy to attract candidates. The posted job may not be available, but applicants go into a candidate pool that the agency calls on when needed.

We don’t use that approach. At Employment Edge, all of our postings are for current, bona fide positions. Here’s an outline of the process we use:

1. A client places an order.
Clients use Employment Edge to help with recruiting, screening, and interviewing applicants. When a client has an open position, we note information about the opening – experience/skills required, level of education, work environment, physical demands, working schedule, start date, type of placement (temporary, temp-to-hire, or direct) and other details related to the job description.

2. We post the position.
Based on the information provided by the client, we create and post a job ad. Our open positions are posted on our website and, depending on the position, we also post on local and national job boards. If we have applicants on file who meet the qualifications, we contact them to see if the position is of interest. People who have signed up for our Job Alerts receive an e-mail whenever we post a new position.

3. We review applications and resumes.
Candidates have the choice of completing an application in person or online. If a candidate applies in person, we also conduct an interview at that time. Online applicants are invited to follow up by coming to our office for an interview.

When a person applies through a job board, we receive a resume rather than an application. For candidates who do not have the necessary qualifications, we let them know that they do not meet the requirements and invite them to watch for future postings that might be a better fit. For candidates who do meet the job requirements, we invite them to continue the process by completing applications online or in person.

4. We forward top candidates to the client.
After we have reviewed applications/resumes and conducted interviews, we forward a list of the top candidates to our client. The client decides whether to interview one or more candidates. The client may also ask us to continue screening applicants. The client contacts us when a candidate has been selected. We contact the candidate and extend a job offer.

5. Hiring is finalized; the posting is removed.
If the candidate accepts the offer, paperwork is finalized (I-9, W4 and other hiring documents) and the process is complete. We remove the posting from our website and other job boards.

However …

If the client needs several employees, the job posting remains active. You may see postings on our website and other job boards that are active for several weeks.

Occasionally, the client fills a position with a candidate not provided by Employment Edge. When an organization has an open position, the employer may work with more than one agency, post the position in addition to working with an agency, hire or promote from within, or decide not to fill the position until a later date. As soon as the client tells us the position has been filled or postponed, we remove the posting.

Our current job postings are listed on our website. Check back often for new postings. Even if you don’t see a position that fits your needs, we welcome you to complete an application and interview. Once we have your information on file, we can contact you when the right position comes along.

Bogus job ads? Not at Employment Edge.
Call us today for help with your job search.

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