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Five ways to reduce turnover

Do you sometimes feel as if your “employee entrance” is a revolving door?

Some turnover is unavoidable, but as every business owner knows, employee turnover can be costly. The estimated average cost of replacing an employee is 150% o their annual salary – depending on their company role, experience, skill set, etc. 

If your company is struggling with too-high turnover, Employment Edge Staffing has some strategies to help reduce your turnover rate.

  1. Find the right fit.
    For businesses that are not big enough to have a full-time HR department, the time for recruiting, screening, and interviewing gets squeezed into an already busy workweek. Finding the right hire takes time. A staffing agency can dedicate ample time to the hiring process and send you only the top candidates from a pool of applicants. Employment Edge covers all the bases to help you find the right fit.

    In addition, we offer a temp-to-hire option that lets you observe the employee on the job for a designated period of time before offering permanent placement.

  2. Clarify expectations.
    New hires often leave within the first few weeks because the job is not what they expected. Employment Edge will help you talk through your expectations, draft a job description if needed, and create job postings that will bring in the right applicants. During the interview process, we will explain the work environment and be sure the applicant understands what the position requires.

  3. Offer a competitive salary.
    Are your employees leaving to find more money and better benefits? With unemployment hovering around 3% lcally, business owners can’t afford to fall behind in what they offer employees. Employment Edge can help you step back and take a look at the current market. We have the resources to research wage scales locally, regionally, and nationally for your industry.

  4. Ensure adequate skill levels.
    Placing a new hire only to find that the person lacks the necessary skills is frustrating for both the employer and the employee. Employment Edge offers both hands-on and online assessments in such areas as accounting, assembly, clerical, financial, industrial, manual dexterity, and technical skills.  You can request that applicants pass specific skill assessments before we refer them to you.

  5. Help with work/life balance.
    Temporary workers can help your company through busy times and pressing deadlines. With the support of short-term staff, you can avoid burnout (and departure) among your permanent employees. Temporary workers can also help fill assignments when one of your long-term staff needs time away for personal or family emergencies or illness. Rather than replace a good employee hold their position by filling in with temporary staff.

Employment Edge can help you trim the stress and expense of employee turnover.

Give us a call today to discuss solutions.


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