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A staffing agency can be a great partner for a hiring manager. The key is to know your hiring options and choose the right fit. If you think of calling a staffing agency only when you need temporary help, you may be overlooking some other valuable services.

While temporary placements can be a life-saver for harried hiring managers, other placement formats are available, too. Understanding all the options will help you make the best choice for each situation.

Temporary Employees

Temporary placements meet your workforce needs for a short, specified amount of time. Temporary workers bring a wide range of educational backgrounds and work experience.  They can help you with critical one-time projects that demand specialized skills or they can help your permanent workforce meet seasonal demands.

  • Choose the temporary format when your employment needs are time specific and you can tell us how long the assignment is expected to last.

Temp to Hire Employees

A temp-to-hire worker is an employee of Employment Edge assigned to one of our client companies. A temp-to-hire arrangement generally means that, after an agreed-upon period of satisfactory job performance, the worker will become a permanent employee of the client company.Seeing someone in action lets you assess the employee’s job skills, people skills, and ability to fit with your company’s culture. Employment Edge will monitor workers who are assigned to you and will act as a go-between for you and the worker, helping to improve job performance or explain why the assignment is not working.

  • Choose this option when you want to observe an employee’s day-to-day performance before making a permanent job offer.

Direct Hire (Permanent Placement) Employees

A direct hire/permanent placement means that applicants come to you through a staffing agency, but as soon as you decide who you want to hire, that person is your employee. The staffing agency charges a fee for their part in the recruitment and screening process.

The staffing company will create and post suitable job advertisements, work through numerous resumes and first-round interviews, check references, do skill testing, and refer a pool of qualified applicants to you for the final decision.

If your job posting generates an abundance of applicants, the staffing agency will save you time by narrowing the number of applicants. If your position is hard to fill, the staffing agency will use an established network to reach out and find potential employees. Finally, a staffing agency ensures complete confidentiality during the search so that applicants are not aware of your company’s identity until you are ready for us to share that information.

  • Choose this option if you want to you want to rely on the expertise and experience provided by staffing companies and streamline the hiring process.


An often-overlooked option is that you can hire the staffing agency to take on some of your HR tasks. Staffing agencies are expert at human resource and payroll functions. Small to medium sized businesses, where employees typically have myriad responsibilities, are most likely to benefit from hiring some of the work done by a third party. At Employment Edge we offer a variety of business services, including: writing employee handbooks and job descriptions, conducting skill assessments and background checks, processing payroll and year-end forms, and collecting past-due accounts.

  • Choose this option to outsource administrative functions and free up more time to focus on other aspects of your business

Employment Edge has a hiring format to meet your needs. Give us a call at 605-271-5627 to talk about the options and discuss what will work best for your situation.



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