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Would you like to increase your chances of being hired?

The solution is simple: volunteer.

Dr. Chris Spera, Director of Research and Evaluation at the Corporation for National and Community Service reports that active volunteers are 27% mre likely to get a job than non-volunteers.

In addition, a 2013 Deloitte survey confirmed that skilled volunteering can improve a job candidate’s chances of being hired.

If you are job-hunting in South Dakota, be aware that this state is noted for volunteerism, ranking seventh in the nation. South Dakota has an annual volunteer rate of 35.7%, ith 210,660 volunteers serving 21.8 million total hours per year.

If you want to add meaningful volunteer hours to your resume, the HelpLine Center in Sioux Falls is a good place to start. They maintain a database of local volunteer opportunities. Check them out at www.helplinecenter.org 

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