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Does Employment Edge "take a cut"?

A person called our office recently to ask what would happen if we found him a job. Specifically, would we be “taking a cut” of his wages. 

Unfortunately, that bit of misinformation about staffing agencies is fairly widespread these days.

Fortunately, we had an opportunity to explain to the caller how our business works.

We do not “take a cut” out of wages. We work with clients who pay a fair wage. Employees receive that wage with nothing taken out.

Our staffing agency receives a fee from clients over and above the employee’s wage. The fee paid by the clients covers the cost of advertising, recruiting, interviewing, and screening candidates. In addition, our agency handles payroll, workers’ compensation insurance, and federal tax deductions and reporting. Some businesses choose to outsource these human resource functions — just as they might outsource payroll, marketing, mass mailings, or a variety of other tasks. They pay us a fee for those services.

Far from “taking a cut” out of fair wages, we help our clients stay current with the local hiring market so that they can attract skilled employees. In fact, we actually decline to work with clients who pay less than competitive wages.

Our motto is “helping people … taking care of business.” We do that by promoting fair wages for employees and offering a reasonable service fee to our clients.


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