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Four things we don't do

Job hunting can be a frustrating experience. We do our best to reduce the frustration. In order to reduce the stress of job hunting, here are four things we don’t do:

1. We don’t advertise jobs that don’t exist. And we do our best to quickly remove postings as soon as a job is filled.

2. We don’t misrepresent jobs. We spend time visiting with the companies that use our staffing service so that we truly understand their needs. We go on site to understand the work environment and culture before we send applicants. We describe jobs clearly and honestly to applicants.

3. We don’t send people to job interviews for which they don’t have the interest or the skills. We meet and visit with you in person so that we truly understand your goals, expectations, and abilities.

4. We don’t charge job seekers for our services. Our client companies hire us to do their job postings and screenings. The client, not the job seeker, covers the cost of recruiting.


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