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Finding a Job

If you are considering using a staffing agency to help you find a job, you are making a smart choice. Staffing agencies often have access to openings that are not advertised to the general public. In addition, staffing companies know the job market and can save you time and effort in your job search.

Based on our experience with thousands of applicants, we have some suggestions that will help us help you.

We want to meet you.
We are happy to receive your application online through our website or as an e-mail in response to a posting, but a key part of our process is the personal interview. We want to talk to you in person so we can understand your goals, your skills, and the type of work that interests you. The personal interview also gives you an opportunity to get to know us, find out how a staffing agency operates, and ask any questions you might have. Online and e-mail are efficient but, in our business, face-to-face communication is essential.

Make a good first impression.
When you come to our office, remember that you are stepping into a business setting. Even if you do not have a specific job in mind, our office is your first stop on the way to employment. Please dress appropriately. Casual business attire is fine, but no baggy shorts, caps, tank tops, or t-shirts with slogans or sayings. We are screening you for your potential employers. Make a good first impression so we can pass that impression along.

• Be thorough.
We will give you some forms to complete. Please answer all of the questions fully.
Even if you have a resume, we ask that you finish the application form. The way you respond to written questions shows us your ability to follow directions and pay attention to detail. At every step of our process, you are showing us what kind of employee you will be.

Be honest.
Will something show up on a background check? Tell us about it now. Legal issues are not necessarily a bar to employment, but we need to know the situation.

Keep in touch.
We may not have a placement for you immediately, but your file will be active for six months. Call periodically to let us know whether you are still available. Be sure to supply us with updated contact information.

Take a short-term assignment.
We occasionally have short-term assignments … as brief as one day up to a month or two. Even if you don’t want temporary work, take a short-term assignment or two. Show us what you can do and build a good working relationship. With the right skills and the right attitude, you will end up on the “short list” for future placements.


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