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Welcome to Employment Edge

Staffing and Business Services


Thank you for choosing us! We realize that there are many ways to find jobs in Sioux Falls ... and many ways to hire employees. Because you have so many options, we are happy that you have selected Employment Edge.

Our staffing agency is locally owned and committed to the economic growth of Sioux Falls.


Our Mission Statement:

  • To provide dependable people and quality service at a competitive price.
  • To remain customer-based, business-minded and focused on the growth and development of our customers, clients and community.


Current Employment Opportunities in Sioux Falls, SD

Outside Sales/Wholesale Distributor

Production Coordinator/Lead Worker

Production Worker with forklift experience

Building Maintenance  ♦  Crew Member/Cleaning and Restoration

Driver/Gravel Truck ♦ Equipment Operator

Diesel Mechanic/Construction Equipment

Electrical Service Technician/Commercial Lighting

Visit our Jobs page for a complete list

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In the news

Employment Edge receives Workforce Development Grant

[April 16, 2015] Employment Edge Staffing has received a grant from the city of Sioux Falls to address workforce development needs. The grant will be used to recruit, screen, and find jobs for nonviolent offenders recently released from state or federal custody.

From 38 applications, the city selected eight entities to receive funding. An evaluation committee and the City Attorney's Office reviewed each application. Finalists made presentations to the reviewers and were scored according to:

  • level of impact
  • investment made by the proposer to execute the program
  • proposer's qualifications to successfully deliver the program
  • quality of the interview

Employment Edge plans immediate implementation of the grant.


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